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FTABMan0 — May 14, 2008 — Slack in my Moteck SG2100 Satellite Dish Motor. Update: 5/16/2006 Motor problem fixed! Took bolt out and put back in holding the nut tight and the. rand New Moteck SG2100 Satellite Dish Motor. Satellite Dish Motor Moteck SG2100 is STAB Compliant! Moteck SG2100 Powers a dish up to 1.2 meters or 47 inches. Triax 70cm heavy duty fibre glass dish with Technomate TM2600 motor and Titanium 0.1dB LNB. The small heavy duty dish This is the smallest dish we would recommend for motorised use but. 33 inch, 76 cm. FTA Dish and Motor with Ku Band LNBf . This is what you need for FTA. 33 inch, 76 cm Ku Band The motorized dish and Ku Band FTA LNBf gives you the most possibilities. Questions? e-mail us at: Need to place an order? Order online or call: 1-360-778-1419. We ship FAST! Most Orders Shipped within 1 Business Day! In Stock and Now only 56.99 Save 3 by using our FREE vouchers Over 15,000 electronics products plus AMAZING SAVINGS in our sale. Claim FREE MONEYOFF VOUCHERS. FREE DELIVERY when. Official Manufacturer of. DiSEqC Motors & Actuators, Satellite Dishes, LNB & LNBF, Switches, Positioners, & many other accessories! Full Product Listing Coming Soon. .!





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