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Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for cortex in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. Definition Symptome Diagnostik Therapie Alltagshilfen (FAQ) Addison-Krise Prohormon DHEA. Medulla), und einem die Medulla umhüllenden Teil, der Nebennierenrinde (Cortex). sort results: alphabetical | rank ? Rank Abbr. Meaning *** CORTEX: Center of Research, Technology and Entrepreneurial Expertise (biotechnology; Missouri) cor·tex definition Pronunciation: /ˈkȯr-ˌteks/ Function: n Inflected Form: pl cor·ti. Cortex definition An experimental slow controls project at CERN. (1994-11-30) cer·e·bral cor·tex (plural cer·e·bral cor·ti·ces or cer·e·bral cor·tex·es) noun : Definition: outer layer of front of brain: the wrinkled gray outer layer of the front parts. Acronym Definition; CORTEX: Concurrent Real Time Executive. 1 Definition und anatomische Eingrenzung; 2 Histologie; 3 Funktionelle und histologische Einteilung lassen Wilder Penfield, Theodore Rasmussen: The Cerebral Cortex of.





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