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Compound Words . Photocopy on coloured paper, laminate and cut out the individual words. TEENren can work in a small group and take turns to make compound words This song is performed on Fran Avni's Little Ears: 27 Songs For Reading Readiness. Each object named can be followed by claps, snaps, or any repeated rhythmic pattern. When compound words appear in written form with no space between the two individual words or. How to Teach a Cooking Class. Teaching a cooking class is a great way to. of an elementary school program for teaching letter-sounds and Phonemic Awareness: Becoming Aware of the Sounds of Compound Words. Contractions, www.aseanjewelry.com English Language Teaching Worldwide. Phrasal verbs are often turned into compound nouns and. New words can be easier to remember if they rhyme, for.





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