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Audix DClamp D Clamp Drum Percussion Snare Tom Mic Clip music, the room acoustics, the sound system, the engineer, and of course, the microphone. Heil Sound introduces PR48 Kick Drum Microphone, PR28 Drum Microphone on the PR20 -- is ideal for toms (and it includes a very nice quality microphone clamp). Signal Flex Drum Mount Microphone Holder. Singal Flex Drum Mount is a "C-clamp" style that mounts to drum rims or tension rods. Fits mounting surfaces up to 7/16" thick and provides. Drum rim clamp for PL35 tom/snare microphone. Stock replacement attaches PL35 to steel drum rims. . microphone used for mount clamp STAND-KD - adjustable kick drum mic stand CBL-20 - 20' XLR-XLR mic cable CBL-DR25 - 25' right angle XLR-XLR mic cable DYNAMIC KICK DRUM MICROPHONE f6. Live or in the studio, this universal clamp can be mounted virtually anywhere, including drum rims and racks, microphone stands, and cymbal stands. Acoustic Drum Kits; Electronic Drum Kits; Snare Drums; Percussion Controllers. Studio Microphones > Microphone Accessories > Mic Stands > On-Stage Stands C-Clamp Microphone.





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